FLEXIGARD protective glass demonstration: unbreakable, vandal-proof, bullet-resistant safety glass

Real-life scenario: effectiveness of our ECE R43-approved FLEXIGARD glazing

As you can see in this video, unlike glass, the hardness and resistance of FLEXIGARD polycarbonate safety glazing protects against stone chips, projectile impacts or acts of vandalism.

Polycarbonate is regularly used as safety glazing as it is extremely solid. At equal thickness, it is 250 times stronger than standard glass, making it the ideal choice if you are looking for a safe and protective material.


With FLEXIGARD®, COMAPLEX Usinage Plastique guarantees high quality glazing

  • Flexigard® ECE R43 glazing is available in different ranges of colours, thicknesses and sizes.
  • The optical quality of Flexigard® glazing enables the production of windscreens or other approved glazing, customised to replace the original glass glazing.


Flexigard® glazing can be installed on all types of vehicles

  • Law enforcement vehicles (Police and Gendarmerie)
  • Security vehicles
  • All agricultural vehicle cabs (tractor, mower, etc.), construction/civil engineering vehicles (excavator, leveller, etc.), roadworks vehicles (excavator, mini digger, etc.), handling equipment (forklift, etc.), forestry equipment and mining vehicles.

Flexigard®, polycarbonate protective glazing suited to law enforcement, agricultural, roadworks, tourism, motorsports or naval vehicles.

Flexigard® safety glass design gallery