Flexigard®, the polycarbonate safety glazing for industrial vehicle cabins

  • The cabins of forklifts are exposed to harsh operating conditions every day.
  • They must meet high safety standards..
  • Flexigard® glazing provides optimum protection for the forklift driver.
  • Flexigard® safety glazing can be installed on all sizes and types of forklift.

Flexigard®, the R43-approved safety glazing with long-lasting impact resistance

  • Flexigard® safety glass is 250 times stronger than glass.

The treatment applied to Flexigard® safety glazing provides a guarantee:

  • Against scratches (TABER test)
  • Against UV rays
  • Against chemicals
  • Against shattering during an impact (stones, Molotov cocktail, etc.)

Flexigard®, the R43-approved safety glazing with optical quality

  • The optical qualities of Flexigard® safety glass enable the production of approved windscreens to replace of the original glass windscreen.