Flexigard®, the polycarbonate safety glazing suited to vehicles used in agricultural, forestry, roadworks, motorsports, tourism or naval applications.

  • Agricultural, forestry and roadworks vehicles operate in hazardous environments every day.
  • To achieve this, their cabs and glazing must meet high safety standards.
  • Flexigard® safety glazing provides optimum protection for the drivers of these vehicles.
  • Flexigard® glazing provides them with an ergonomic, robust and safe working space.

Flexigard®, the R43-approved safety glazing with lasting impact resistance

Flexigard® safety glass are 250 times stronger than glass.

The treatment applied to Flexigard® safety glazing ensures a guarantee:

  • Against scratches (TABER test)
  • Against UV rays
  • Against chemicals
  • Against shattering during an impact (stones, Molotoc cocktail,etc.)

Flexigard®, the R43-approved safety glazing with optical quality

  • The optical qualities of Flexigard® safety glass enable the production of approved windscreens to replace the original glass windscreen.