Comaplex markets its own brand of polycarbonate safety glazing Flexigard®, which offers exceptional strength and combines the visual performance of glass with the lightness of thermoplastics.

In relation to glass, polycarbonate glazing has higher resistance properties.

Wherever there is a high risk of glass breakage, replacement with polycarbonate is therefore justified (no more equipment downtime or repeated replacement costs).

Flexigard® safety glazing will not shatter in the event of a violent impact and will retain all its optical properties.

Flexigard® glazing can be installed on all law enforcement vehicles, on special equipment (cable cars, boats, tourist attractions, motor sports, etc.), agricultural machinery, forestry machinery, construction equipment, and more..

Vitre polycarbonate Flexigard A
Polycarbonate glazing -ECE R43- green tinted for forestry machines
Vitre polycarbonate Flexigard B
Polycarbonate-ECE R43-bronze tinted glazing for public works vehicles
Vitre polycarbonate Flexigard C
Safety glazing-Polycarbonate-ECE R43

Advantages of FLEXIGARD® polycarbonate safety glazing:

  • Unbreakable glazing

    Flexigard® polycarbonate glazing is 250 times more resistant than glass of the same thickness.

  • Scratch-resistant glazing

    Flexigard® polycarbonate glazing is treated with a scratch-proof coating.

  • Chemical resistant glazing

    The surface treatment applied to Flexigard® polycarbonate glazing guarantees resistance to aggressive chemicals and solvents.

  • Anti-UV glazing

    The surface treatment applied to Flexigard® polycarbonate glazing provides UV protection.

  • Optical quality glazing

    Flexigard® polycarbonate windscreens provide high optical quality without distortion.

  • European ECE R43 approval

    For use on the road network, Flexigard® glazing has received approval in accordance with the European safety standard.

  • Lightweight glazing

    Flexigard® glazing is twice as light as glass of the same thickness.

  • Recyclable glazing

    Flexigard® glazing can be recycled via appropriate treatment channels.

Adaptable and approved polycarbonate windscreens

Flexigard® polycarbonate glazing is available in a range of colours, thicknesses and sizes. Our products can be fitted on any type of vehicle. The optical quality of Flexigard® glazing enables production of approved windscreens that can be fitted in place of the original glass windscreen.